Communication is important.  Whether it is face to face, a phone call, or an e-mail, everyone wants to know what is going on and where.  At Daybreak Christian Assembly, we strive to keep everyone up to date using the latest technology.  The focus of the Communications department is developing and maintaining our social sites, maintaining and using the sound equipment, operating computer systems for streaming/recording and visual presentations for each service, and ensure a secure and safe environment for all.

Daybreak Christian Assembly has Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and YouTube accounts.  Services are live streamed for those unable to attend.  All church activities are advertised through the various social media sites and promotional materials are created for distribution.

In addition, the Communications Department is responsible for the Sound and Media Ministries.  Sound Engineers oversee and maintain the sound system to ensure everyone has an enjoyable experience.  Media Specialists operate the computer systems, providing a visual aid for those attending the service.

Daybreak Christian Assembly strives to keep everyone as informed as possible, for the fellowship and enjoyment of all.