• Sunday School with Caleb Maddix
  • Pastor Michael J. Stiffler
  • Brandon Stiffler, Pastor Michael Stiffler, Brenda Stiffler, and Jennifer Duckworth
  • Bernadette, Callie, Dakota, Shiloh, Emily, and Gavin
  • Chaplain Reginald Bellamy
  • Street Reach Team
  • Sweet Hearts Dinner
  • Dayle and Shelia Boller
  • Pastor and Brenda Stiffler at El Saltos
  • Lauren Smith, Matt Maddix, Ronnie Smith and Kayleigh
  • Having Lunch at El Saltos with Matt Maddix
  • Jordan, Shelia, Matt Maddix, Dayle, and Nick
  • Baptizing in Jesus Name
  • Crystal, Natalie, and Jackson at Pizza Johns for "Meet and Greet"
  • "Kick Off" Sunday Tailgating Party
  • Oralie and Manny Martinez
  • Great Fun and Food
  • Crystal, Manny, and Natalie
  • Brian, Kathy, Lauren, Jessica, Lisa, and John
   June 2016   
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